At Freedom Recovery, we want you to be successful in sober living and in all aspects of your life. Sober living halfway houses provide a safe, structured environment filled with accountability, friendship, and support.

After the rehabilitation process has been completed, the transition to life routine can pose a significant threat of relapse. Sober living halfway houses provided the guidance and support needed to avoid returning to the triggers that were the original foundations of the drug and alcohol abuse.

Structured sober living facilities, such as halfway houses, have proven to be a remarkable asset to patients who have completed the rehabilitation journey to embrace the full process of recovery and the alcohol/drug-free lifestyle they are now living.

With the help of professionals and others on the recovery journey, patients in sober living facilities are more easily able to return to employment, family life, and ultimately create a wonderful, new life for themselves outside of drugs and alcohol.

At Freedom Recovery, we want to see you succeed. Our network of sober living halfway houses can provide a safe place filled with support and encouragement that will help you in your recovery journey and an alcohol/drug-free life.