At Freedom Recovery, we have access to outpatient programs to help patients practice recovery management, as well as the skills necessary to transition to independent living.

In the outpatient phase of care, patients learn to utilize what they have learned in real life situations while simultaneously using therapy and community sober support groups to ensure sobriety success.

Outpatient programs are created and designed to assist patients in the transitional part of the recovery process. This phase gives patients the tools and education they need to succeed in everyday activities such as work, school, family care, and more.

At Freedom Recovery, our network of halfway houses provide outpatient programs that give patients access to individual and group counseling, relapse prevention techniques, employment assistance, and addiction education.

Outpatient recovery groups and programs are geared towards treating causes of addiction, and educating patients, and facilitating lasting recovery from alcohol and drug abuse. At Freedom Recovery, we believe that the best way to succeed in lasting sobriety is to have a community of people to lift you up, empower, and help you along your journey.