The steps and process of the drug and alcohol recovery process are very similar regardless of which program you choose. Once the process of detoxification has been completed, at Freedom Recovery, we offer inpatient recovery in which patients have the opportunity to live in and go through rehabilitation programs on site at one of our many, extensive inpatient sober living facilities.

Detox is only the first step in the recovery process and is not treatment by itself. In cases of drug and alcohol addiction, the detoxification process must be followed by a full treatment program to ensure full recovery.

Inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation allows for patients to be in a safe sober living facility, surrounded by professionals who lend guidance and assistance at any time day or night. Inpatient facilities also give patients the opportunity to be surrounded by other people who are on a recovery journey as well, and are working toward the same goal of a sober life.

At Freedom Recovery, we have a network of halfway houses and sober living facilities for patients to choose from based on their specific needs. Patients in inpatient rehabilitation programs benefit from a full addiction treatment program including: individual and group counseling, addiction education, outreach programs, life skills programs, relapse prevention training, and more.